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Vento isofix

It is a safe and modern car seat in the weight range from 0 to 25 kg. Its unquestionable advantage is a very large tilt, which makes our child spend time traveling in comfortable conditions. Safety tests confirmed by the certificate of the Automotive Industry Institute PIMOT - these are the features of this extremely sophisticated car seat.

Optimally large tilt




Rearward facing

Vento allows you to transport a child facing the direction of travel, which increases the level of safety. The car seat absorbs the force of an impact and protects especially the cervical spine. RWF up to 13 kg, FWF from 13 to 25 kg.

Comfortable headrest

Its purpose is to protect the head and upper spine from injuries. Vento has an adjustable headrest integrated with 5-point belts - by lifting the headrest, the belts will adjust to the appropriate height.


Soft, pleasant to the touch fabric

The upholstery is made of a soft, child-friendly fabric. It can be easily removed for washing to keep it clean throughout its life. Spacious and comfortable interior ensures the baby's comfort during long journeys.

Optimal tilt
Optimal tilt
Provides a comfortable sleeping position.
Reduction inserts
Reduction inserts
They tightly fill the space between the car seat and the child's body, thanks to which it is firmly held inside the car seat.
For junior
For junior
Vento can be used up to the age of 6.
Installation method
Installation method
Forward facing from 9 to 25 kg: ISOFIX system + Top Tether anchorage belt / car belt or rearwards up to 13 kg using the car belt.

Size chart

Backrest dimension Seat dimension Car seat Installation direction Tilt positions
Weight --- --- 12,8 kg przodem/tyłem do kierunku jazdy 4 tyłem/rearwar
Height min. 44 cm - max. 57 cm --- --- forward/rearward facing 3 przodem/forward
Length --- wewn. /int. 33 сm --- --- ---
Width wewn. 34 cm wewn./int. 33 сm --- --- ---

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