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It is one of the most comfortable car seats on the market, proven by thousands of satisfied children. It is designed for children weighing 9-36 kg (9 months - 12 years). The 4 tilt positions will ensure a good sleep while traveling, and the 7-step headrest adjustment will make the car seat suitable for the child's height throughout its life.

Bestseller in the 9-36 kg group


Perfect fit

The 7-step adjustment of the headrest will make the car seat suitable for the child's height throughout its life. After removing the cushion for the youngest and internal belts, it will be an ideal solution for an older child.

Comfortable and safe

The 4 reclining positions of the car seat ensure a good sleep while traveling. The undoubted advantage is the low base, which will facilitate its installation even in smaller cars. Sportivo is equipped with the SPS system, which provides additional protection in side impacts - special side cushions filled with polystyrene foam absorb the energy of the side impact before it reaches the child, which makes a standard seat 25% safer.

Bubble seat

Breathable upholstery

Bubble seat - a seat made of a material that prevents perspiration and protects the child from sliding out of the car seat. Sportivo upholstery is made of soft and durable perforated Alcantara, reminiscent of suede. Can be removed for washing.

Size chart

Backrest dimension Seat dimension Car seat Installation direction Tilt positions
Weight - - 9 kg przodem do kierunku jazdy 4
Height min 58 cm, max 68 cm - - forward facing ---
Length - 32 cm - - ---
Width int. 27 cm int. 30 cm - - ---

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