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Good shock absorption as a key element in prams


There are many models of strollers on the market, they have different technical solutions that meet different needs. All this makes it difficult for young parents to decide which pram to choose. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the most important issues. What? We have some suggestions for you.

Criteria for selecting a stroller

Although the appearance of the stroller is a very important parameter that often influences our decision, it should not be the most important selection criterion. So what is worth paying attention to when choosing a pram?

Stroller type. Prams come in different types. It can be a multifunctional stroller most often used with newborns and infants up to 8 months of age. You can also opt for a stroller, in which the child is already sitting alone, but can also lie down. The combination of these two options is a multifunctional stroller that replaces both of the above types, if only we choose a good model.

Stroller frame. It is a very important element of each stroller, because its individual elements are based on it, which has a large impact on the stability and shock absorption of the stroller. The choice of the type of frame depends to a large extent on how much space it will take after folding.

Wheels. They are especially important when we intend to use the stroller also outside city paths or sidewalks. Then we have a choice: air wheels (quite prone to puncture, but dampening all vibrations very well) and tubeless wheels called gel wheels. They look similar to air wheels, but the special filling ensures that they retain their original properties even after a puncture. They are characterized by high flexibility and resistance to weather conditions. When choosing wheels, it is also worth paying attention to their agility, which will be especially useful when maneuvering in shop aisles, or the number of wheels - 3 or 4.

In addition to these 3 important parameters, there is one more extremely important factor that must be taken into account when deciding to buy a specific model of a stroller. It is shock absorption.

Soft suspension in stroller

This parameter is very important and especially important for the comfort of our toddler. The type of shock absorption used in the stroller significantly affects the child's comfort during a walk. This element largely determines whether the child wakes up when the stroller goes down a bumpy path, or does not even notice it and continues to sleep well. Shock absorption is especially important in the case of children up to the age of years, i.e. most often in multifunctional prams.

When we choose a model with adjustable suspension hardness, we will be able to decide for ourselves how it will work on different terrain.

As you can see, when choosing the type of shock absorption when buying a pram, we must take into account factors such as the area where we live or the places we want to go with our pram. We will choose a different type of shock absorption when walking mainly around the city, and another if we want to drive our toddler along forest paths.

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