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About us

And that's how it started ...

Two family members with extensive experience in the children's industry decided to join forces and make a fuss on the Polish market by creating the Coletto brand. The sale was mainly heavy, steel prams, the so-called "transformers", in which the carrycot transformed into a stroller. Therefore, in 2008, we created a lightweight aluminum Austin, in 3 and 4-wheel version with a separate seat unit, which immediately became a hit.


Rotating revolution

A year later, we made a revolution by introducing Matteo stroller, which rotated 360 degrees. The carrycot and the seat unit could be set forward or rearward facing, without disconnecting from the frame.


New chapter

In the same year, we created our first car seats - Santino and Sportivo. Over the years, they have undergone technical and stylistic changes and are still one of the best-selling car seats in our offer.


A well-coordinated team is essential

We are an energetic, passionate and committed team. Some of us are associated with the company from the very beginning. We rely on their knowledge and experience, while looking for new inspirations and trying to ensure that what we create is never boring.


We learn from you!

The company develops with the growing needs and awareness of parents about safety, quality and functionality. Social media brings us closer to you because you share your opinions and expectations. Each suggestion is a valuable clue.

Thanks to you we can be better and better!

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