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4 symptoms to show that the child has outgrown the car seat


Each child is different and therefore grows at a different pace. When choosing the right car seat for your toddler, we should therefore be guided by his weight and height, not age.


Until when to carry a child in a stroller?


There is no clear answer to this question and the moment when we give up the stroller is actually an individual matter. In this post, we will tell you when to carry your baby in a pram, when in a pushchair, how to recognize that it is ready to give up the stroller and what to do when the child still wants to move in a buggy.


Good shock absorption as a key element in prams


There are many models of strollers on the market, they have different technical solutions that meet different needs. All this makes it difficult for young parents to decide which pram to choose. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the most important issues. What? We have some suggestions for you.

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