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Muffs for strollers

Warm muffs are perfect for a pram, stroller and sledge. They are made of waterproof fabrics, used for the production of baby strollers, as well as warm and pleasant to the touch fleece. They will protect against cold air and ensure driving comfort because they are not connected. In an emergency, getting your hands out of a muff takes much less time than taking off traditional gloves.

Perfect hand protection for winter walks

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Easy to assemble

The muffs are very easy to install - thanks to Velcro and snaps, they will fit to the handle of each stroller. You don't need to unfasten them to quickly remove your hands, because they have sewn elastic bands. This allows not only to adjust to each hand, but also protects against cold air.

Warm interior

The muffs are lined with fleece on the inside to retain heat. This is due to the construction of the fleece - the fibers form thin, long tubes filled with air - and as you know, the best insulator is air. Dimensions of the unfolded muff: 21 x 36 cm.

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Well fitted

The muffs can be adapted to all strollers - prams and buggies with a full handle. They will also fit the sledge with a pusher. They are a perfect replacement for traditional gloves on cold days, warming your hands and protecting against cold wind, rain or snow.

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