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Avanti isofix

This car seat is designed for children weighing 15-36 kg (4-12 years), is mounted on the Isofix forward facing, and the child is fastened in it with a three-point car belt. The most important and unique advantage of it is that it grows with the child - the sides and headrest expand, which allows for a perfect adjustment to the child's height throughout the use of the car seat.

Grows with the child

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Extendable headrest and sides

The car seat grows with the child - the sides widen as the headrest is raised, which allows for perfect adjustment to the child's height throughout the use of the car seat. Avanti Isofix is an indispensable travel companion for older children, allowing parents to enjoy their choice for a long time.

Isofix system

The car seat installation system is forward-facing using ISOFIX connectors. It is supposed to guarantee the parents a quick and safe fastening in car, minimizing the risk of incorrect installation. It ensures that in the event of an accident, the car seat will not move inside the car.


Detachable backrest

Avanti Isofix has the option of disassembling the backrest and leaving only the seat to use it as a booster.

Bubble seat

The seat is made of a material that prevents perspiration and protects the child from sliding out of the car seat. Avanti Isofix upholstery is made of soft and durable perforated Alcantara, reminiscent of suede.

Bubble seat
Obszerny zagłówek

Spacious headrest

Its purpose is to protect the head and upper spine from injuries. It protects the baby's head, among others against hitting the side window. That is why it is so important to use the car seat as long as possible.

Size chart

Backrest dimension Seat dimension Car seat Installation direction
Weight --- --- 6 kg przodem do kierunku jazdy
Height 63 - 74 cm --- --- forward facing
Length --- 34 cm --- ---
Width 35 -42 cm 31 cm --- ---

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